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John Coltrane: A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme

I hate it when I'm the last person in line at a soup kitchen or when I miss the bang wagon completely. It leaves me with a sense of lostness as if I am aloof in a world of my own wonderment. In this case I stand enlightened by the music of John Coltrane. I call myself a jazz head and even display a bit of arrogance toward smooth jazz. However, I refuse to read and study the volumes of material written about the famous jazz legends. I gain understand and pride from having listened to these tunes. I can identity many classics but when the historian listeners speak of recording dates, movements of the industry and or arrangements I change the subject. My reply often focuses on another track I find engaging. I leave with some dates and setting and the historians leave the conversation with more tracks of interest. In this case, John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" has stripped me of my musical pride. Having heard this track and fallen in love with it for unexplainable reasons; found some commentary on the track the pulled it all together for me. I like it because it is prayerful and symbolic. Coltrane wrote a poem to go ago with it and included it with the liner notes. In this clip form Traneumentary Lewis Porter narrates the piece as its played. The commentary connected the dots from years of listening in wonderment. Knowing its intent makes me love is even more.

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Anonymous said...

Alas, that is your nature to love only the obscure while overlooking the obvious. There are some beautiful works of auditory art that us mainstreamers like to listen to, as well. I have long loved this piece and I can't believe I beat you in enjoying any type of jazz. (HA, HA!) Normal people begin with the more well known artists and move up to the esoteric.

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