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Cleo Laine: A Beautiful Thing

Cleo Laine Beautiful Thing

Found my first Cleo Laine album when she appeared with John Williams on "Best Friends" the album was easy listening and good music for a calm house. I made note of Cleo's sound, her presentation was light and controlled in presentation.

Cleo Laine John Williams Best Friends

I added her to the "Seek or Delete" list. The list is a mental note worthy artists and albums. When this album came up I decided was reminded to her presentation with John Williams. The album ranks as a three star album and made peaked the pop charts in 1975 at 168 not bad for an artist I knew nothing about prior. Once home I enjoyed Cleo's take on "I Love You Porgy" and "Send In The Clowns".

Cleo Laine Beautiful Thing

Cleo Laine sample tracks recorded from vinyl
I Love You Porgy
Send In The Clowns
FLAC File Compression
Size: 30.37 MB


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