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Jerry Murad's Harmonicats: Selected Favorites

Harmonicats 1950 Selected Favorites

On a wild search to try something different meet Jerry Murad and the Hamonicats. The group it a harmonica trio formed in the fifties. The record was a interesting find. I dig "Le sghinka" but "Peg O My Heart" is the trio's claim to fame.

Original Liner Notes: Mercury Records MG 20074

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Ane the proof of good musie is in the listening. Mercury Records takes great pleasure in prestenting a gourmet's delight served up by Jerry Murad and his Harmonicats. There was a time in the history of American music when the harmonical was considered lessof a musical instrument than it was a toy. The versatile Harmonicats, under the leadership of Jerry Murad, have raised the lowly harmonica to a well-establised place among such other musical instruments as the saxophone and trumpet. The Harmonicats, through their success, were one of the first in their field to be called into the musicians' union. This request was made by the president of the union himself, James C. Petrillo.

From Istanbul, Turkey to Chicago, Illinoir, is a long way -both literally and geographically. Jerry made the trip with his parents at the tender age os six, and considers Chicago his home town, although his music is as popular in the place of his birth ad it is here in the United States. One recording alone, the great standard, "Peg O' My Heart", has sold more that two million copies and brought back a world -wide revival of the harmonica.

Harmonicats 1950 Selected Favorites

Murad was never one to kid around about music. He has been a perfectionist, or at least striving for perfection, since hie dad presented him with his first month organ. Jerry's enthusiasm for perfection was recognized by the gret Borah Minnevitch, who hired him to tour with his world-famed Harmonica Rascals. After several years with Minnevitch, he decided to go on his own and chose Chicago for his opening night. It wasn't long before Murad was the toast of town. a Mercury Recording contract followed, and with it came "Peg O' My Heart"The rest, of course, is history, and a string of other hits, synonomized the name or Jerry Murad with the harmonica.

This Long-Playing album contains twelve of the Harmonicats' favorites especially selected to display the wide range of the capabilites of this talented group.

For Sentimental reasons, of course, one of these tunes is "Peg O' My Heart", which started Jerry Murad's great career as a recording artist.

Peg O' My Heart
Harmonica Boogie
Le Sghinka
On The Alamo
Gallop Of The Comedians
At Dawn
Tea For Two
The Sadar March
At Sundown
Clair De Lune
Harbor Lights

Jery Muard & Harmonicats sample tracks recorded from vinyl
Peg O My Heart
Le Sqhinka
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