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Maynard Ferguson: Conquistador

Maynard Ferguson Conquistador

This often happens when pulling records from the bargain bin "multiple albums by one artist". Maynard Ferguson is the artist at this junction. This time I uncover some of his latter stuff. Released in 1977 this is one good find for fifty cents. This album has probably his most well known tune "Gonna Fly Now" the Theme from Rock. Played with a Maynard exuberance.

Rocky III Soundtrack

Soundtrack sample recorded from vinyl
Original Rocky III Theme Gonna Fly Now
FLAC File Compression
Size: 19.46 MB

The track was written by Bill Conti and made excellent by the prior. The track rose to 28th on pop music charts. The tile track "Conquistador" another favorite with its amazing layers, however, the slow burn of "Mister Mellow" with George Benson. Though it's less Ferguson and more Benson with some additional vocals I can dig it on this rainy Sunday.

Maynard Ferguson sample tracks recorded from vinyl
Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
Mister Mellow
FLAC File Compression
Size: 105.78 MB

Maynard Ferguson Conquistador Back

The year prior 1976 Maynard released "Primal Scream". The album is quite different from the latter but contains a little more Ferguson.

Maynard Ferguson Primal Scream


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