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Maynard Ferguson: Maynard 62

If you have a thing for blaring trumpet, fast brass, and big bands, then Maynard Ferguson is your man. This 1962 album is quite impressive with "Zip 'n' Zap" and "Go East Young Man"; for some swing flip sides to "X Stream".

Maynard Ferguson 62

Original Liner Notes:
Maynard '62 is a natural follow-up to the Maynard Ferguson band's most successful album of the previous year, Maynard '61. Once again, Ferguson and his band have put together a cross section of some of the new music arrangements the band will be featuring in '62. Once again the dynamic trumpeter and leader puts into practice his belief that frequent addition of new music to the book of any band keeps the fire and enthusiasm of that band at its peak and enables it to communicate with the audience. This belief underlines the very nature and vitality of the Maynard Ferguson band and has been essential in gaining for them the tremendous success they now enjoy. Here then is a small part of what is in store for Maynard Ferguson fans and followers of big band jazz in 1962. It is really just the opener, just the beginning of the new musical direction the band will take. Nevertheless, this album is representative and remains in essence, the spirit of ...Maynard '62

Maynard Ferguson 62

Side A:
Have You Met Miss Jones?
Zip N Zap
Lazy Afternoon
Go East Young Man

Side B:
This Is My Lucky Day
X Stream
Pretty Little Nieda
Round About The Blues

Maynard Ferguson sample tracks recorded from vinyl
Zip N Zap
Go East Young Man
X Stream
FLAC File Compression
Size: 83 MB

Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet, Slide Trombone
Chet Ferretti - Trumpet
Don Rader - Trumpet
Nat Pavone - Trumpet
Slide Hampton - Trombone
Kenny Rupp - Trombone
Lanny Morgan - Alto Sax & Flute
Willie Madien - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Flute
Frank Hittner - Baritone sax & Bass Clarinet
Mike Abene - Piano
Linc Milliman - Bass
Rufus Jones - Drums


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