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Jerry Murad's Harmonicats: Peg O'My Heart

Peg OMy Heart by Jerry Murads HarmonicatsPeg OMy Heart by Jerry Murads Harmonicats

Track Listing:
01 - Peg O'My Heart
02 - Twilight
03 - Mam 'selle
04 - Saber Dance
05 - Dancing Wtih Tears In My Eyes
06 - Galloping Comedians
07 - Malaguena
08 - Deep Purple
09 - Tenderly
10 - Perfidia
11 - Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time)
12 - Minute Waltz

Original Liner Notes:

Peg O'My Heart by Jerry Murad's Harmonicats is the first in more than a decade. In the late Forties, the Harmonicats created a world-wide sensation with their infectious performance of this beloved old song. Their recording sold more than three million records. In selecting it as the title son for this collection, the Harmonicats pay an affectionate tribute to their first hit, and respond to countless requests for a new high-fidelity and stereo recording. Turkish-born Jerry Murad grew up in Chicago. In his teens he decided to make the harmonica his career. He worked at twenty different trades, however, before he could do so, experimenting meanwhile to improve the primitive harmonicas of the day. He designed a more complex instrument and can even hand-make a harmonica himself. His expert knowledge of the repair work was a boon to hard-put virtuosos during World War II when new harmonica parts were unavailable. His book, "Jerry Murad's Harmonica Technique for the Super-Chronomic" is a must for all students. Jerry plays lead with the "Cats." Always certain that the harmonica could produce a full and unique sound, he sought for years a colleague of equal ability, who could provide expert chord backgroud. Al Fiore, whom Jerry met in 1938, was the perfect choice. His ideas coincided with Jerry's and he played the 24" Chord Harmonica, equivalent of piano or guitar in an orchestra. Born in Chicago, Al was headed for a shoemaker's job with his father until an uncle gave him a harmonica on his fourteenth birthday. Like Jerry, Al had to wait for years before he could make the harmonica his career. From the beginning of their association, Jerry and Al agreed they needed a bass harmonica to effect the full sound they sought. Don Less filled the bill admirably. Today he is considered by critics the world's finest bass harmonica player, a peerless jazz improviser. He also writes many of the Harmonicats' tunes. Born in Ohio, Don like his cohorts, mastered the harmonica in his teens. Jerry, Al and Don next added expert showmanship to their musical talents. They joined Borrah Minnevitch's Rascals in 1941, learning comedy, pantomime and stage-presence. Here they each acquired a distinct professional personality. The result: the Harmonicats -officially formed in 1944. They were the first harmonica players to be admitted to the American Federation of Musicians. In 1947 came Peg O'My Heart, followed by a long succession of other hits. Their most recent success, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, was also the title song of their first Columbia album (CL 1556/CS 8356-ST).

Jery Muard & Harmonicats sample tracks recorded from vinyl
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03-Mam 'selle
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