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Betty Wright: Live

Betty Wright LiveBetty Wright Live

Track Listing:
01 Lovin' Is Really My Game
02 Tonight Is The Night
03 A Song For You
04 Clean up Woman Medley: Pillow Talk-You Got the Love-Mr.
05 You Can't See for Lookin'
06 Where Is the Love

Betty Wright is an R&B artist on my "seek or delete" list. I have wanted a couple of her album but have not found them in good condition. Her studio recordings are hard to find but this "Live" album comes up on occasion. This one is third I've uncovered it. The fist two albums sounded like sand paper or nearly destroyed. This one is in great condition. As a collector I am having hard time letting go. I'm giving as a house warming gift with the hope of finding another. Before it's shipped I'll capture a session of "Tonight Is The Night" for enjoyment.

Betty Wright sample tracks recorded from vinyl
FLAC File Compression
Clean up Woman Medley- Pillow Talk-You Got the Love-Mr.
Tonight Is The Night
Size: 113.90MB


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