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Lena Horne: Stormy Weather

Lena Horne 1957 Stormy WeatherLena Horne 1957 Stormy Weather
Lena Horne: Stormy Weather
(1957 RCA Victor LPM1375)

Side A:
Tomorrow Mountain
Out Of This World
Mad About The Boy
Riddin' On The Moon
Stormy Weather

Side B:
Baby Won' t You Please Come Home
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
I'll Be Around
I Wonder What Became Of Me
Just One Of Those Things

Original Liner Notes:
by George T. Simon

In singing there is Ella. In the night clubs there is Hildegarde. In the movies there is Lena. Just a first name, and yet everybody knows exactly whom you mean. This is the compliment supreme among entertainers.

And in all three -in singing, night clubs and movies- there is the entertainer supreme -Lena- a fascinating mixture of talent, charm and beauty- a lovely, intelligent and literate creature with an amazingly innate perception of the songs she sings and the people to whom she sings them.

This is Lena, who admires Ella and Frank and Sarah because "they don't take themselves too seriously. They have that touch of light humor, of seeming to say 'You know I'm kidding, I'm not really irresistible,' when they sing a song like Just One Of Those Things

Lena sings a song like that -in fact, that very song- in this splendid collection of her most charming musical messages. And there are many more tunes, too, some equally famous, others smart and sensitive songs that seem to be reserved for a singer equally smart and sensitive, who treats them with respect and admiration as well as with all the understanding and tenderness and humor that are so very much the singing style and the personality of one very wonderful woman named Lena.

Lena Horne sample tracks recorded from vinyl
FLAC File Compression
-Stromy Weather
- I'll Be Around
-Just One Of Those Things
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