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Lionel Hampton: Flying Home

Lionel Hampton Flying HomeLionel Hampton Flying Home Back
Lionel Hampton: Flying Home
(1942 Verve MG V-8112 Mono)

Side A:
Flying Home

Side B:
This Can't Be Love

Original Liner Notes:
Once, while Lionel Hampton was leading his orchestra at the Mission Beach Ballroom in San Diego, CA., the audience of dancers seemed to fall under an odd kind of Hamptonish hypnosis. Mission Beach Ballroon, to set the scene, is a cavernous hall on the edge of an amusement park with the waters of the Pacific less than 25 feet distant. Now it was after midnight. The band had been rocking all evening -and the audience had been rocking with it. At once, on impulse, Hampton momentarily deserted his vibraharp and scurried out on the dance floor, leading his musicians behind him. There was no loss of rhythm with the move; in fact, the beat grew even more emphatic as Hamp and his musicians strutted on the floor.

Looking on at this spectacle in unabashed awe, a rookie police officer fought off the idea of phoning for reinforcements from downtown headquarters. "Listen," he whispered to the ballroom operator, "If this Hampton fellow leads those kids over to the ocean and actually walks into the water, why, they'll all follow him!"

The ballroom operator grinned. "You're right," he agreed. "It could happen at that. But it won't, though, Don't worry. Everything will be all right. Hamp has played 'Flying Home' here before...."

That's how it is, of course, with Hampton and "Flying Home." He turns into the Pied Piper of the vibes. And about the rookie policeman, he didn't phone for reinforcements. He leaned against a side door and relaxed, tapping his foot. And a month or so later, when Hampton returned to San Diego, the rookie found himself assigned once more to the ballroom -by his own request. It happens that way.

In any event, Hampton and his Orchestra are heard hear in full-length version of the very same "Flying Home," which occupies the entire A side of this album. Ever since 1942, two years after Hampton decided to break his ties with Benny Goodman and form his own unit, "Flying Home" has served as a kind of unofficial theme song for the band, one that is recognized as pure Hampton wherever Hampton goes and -this being one of the travelingest bands ever- there's practically no place that Hampton doesn't go. There's no counting the number of times that Hampton has played "Flying Home" in upwards of 15 years, but there's not loss of enthusiasm on Hampton's part -ever. "Flying Home" is another way of saying "swinging jazz," which is -when you come down to it- just another way of saying Lionel Hampton.

Lionel Hampton sample track recorded from vinyl
Tonar with OM5e stylus LP Hiss reduction
FLAC File Compression
-Flying Home
Size: 92.90MB


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