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Bill Doggett: Fingertips

Bill Doggett FingertipsBill Doggett Fingertips back
Bill Doggett: Fingertips
(1963 Columbia CL 2082 Mono)

Side A:
Soul Zone
Without Love
The Love Of My Man
The Worm

Side B:
One Fine Day
Soul City
If You Need Me
Hot Fudge

Original Liner Notes:
At the age of 22 Philadelphia-born Bill Doggett was a pianist leading his own band. He worked with the Lucky Millinder band in 1940 and was pianist for the Ink Spots from 1942 to 1944. Later, he worked with Louis Jordan, and in 1951 he took up the organ. Bill then worked with Ella Fitzgerald and has written arrangements for one of teh vocalist's recent albums.

For the past dozen or so years, Bill Doggett and Hammond organ have been transported about the country as the major cargo of a six-passenger bus. On at least 250 nights out of each year, the bus has parked outside as dance hall somewhere between Vancouver, B.C. and Orlando, Florida. Doggett and crew have unloaded and for the next four hours, hundreds of people have danced and smiled, laughed and sung to the accompaniment of the kind of music you hear in Fingertips.


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