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Duke Jordan: Archives of Jazz Vol.5

Duke Jordan Archives of JazzDuke Jordan Archives of Jazz back
Duke Jordan: Archives of Jazz Vol.5
(AJ 506 Stereo)

Duke Jordan, Piano
Charlie Rouse, Tenor
Sonny Cohn, Trumpet
Art Taylor, Drums
Eddie Kahn, Bass

Original Liner Notes:
Style is taking the same music as everyone else and putting it out in such a manner as to sound like your own. A statement is taking the same notes, the same instrument as the other man and putting together as nobody else ever has. Take Duke Jordan, for instance. Jazz opened a door, just a crack, and he got his licks in ...and blew the house down! A statement... with style! One of the truly creative geniuses of the jazz idiom, Duke composed the music for this remarkable performance for the film adaptation of Roger Vadim's "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" from the novel by Choderlos De Laclos. The original novel, a pursuit of sexual freedom, offended the authorities and the public no less than did the film although almost two hundred years separated them. The subsequent controversy and censorship, banned in
France, refused by England, censored in the United States, was to be expected of any film moving into the arena of sexual confrontation. Considered by many to be the finest example of cinema art ever produced by the French Motion Picture Industry, the brilliant tapestry of musical backgrounds woven by Duke Jordan remains as one of the finest jazz statements made on film. This composer, Duke Jordan. As originally composed, the four melodies were given titles which in later use were changed by other persons. We have here given both titles where necessary for the sake of clarity.

For some men the boundaries which confine us all exist only to be pushed out. For others, no boundaries exist at all. The genius of Duke Jordan, like the proverbial pair fo seven-league-boots, put him giant strides ahead of other jazz composers. Walk in this fantastic jazz environment and listen to this remarkable series of compositions in jazz artistry.

Side: A
No Problem #1
No Problem #2
No Problem #3

Side: B
Jazz Vendor (Valmontana)
Subway Inn (Miguel's Party)
The Feeling of Love #1 (Prelude in Blue)
The Feeling of Love #2 (Weehawken Mad Pad)


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