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Vladimir Horowitz: Chopin Sonata in B-Flat Minor, Op.35

Vladimir Horowitz Chopin Sonata in B-Flat Minor, Op.35Vladimir Horowitz Chopin Sonata in B-Flat Minor, Op.35 back

Contains: Nocturne in F-sharp, Op.15 No.2
The Nocturne in F-sharp was composed at about the same period as the conception of the G Minor Ballade and was published in 1834. The brief span of this flawless keyboard miniature is dominated by a heavenly larghetto melody, varied in its second statement at the end by ornamentation of the most exquisite filigree (only the 16th-century master, Couperin, was Chopin's equal in this art!). After the second statement the larghetto melody comes an episode of stronger emotional coloring, then the middle section proper with its brief but agitated climax. Once more the ravishing larghetto melody is heard. Then all dies away with a brief cods of dreamlike and rapturous contentment.
-note by David Hall


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